Hey guys; so a new semester, a new look, a new apartment, new roommates (who're way amazing by the way) and of course new courses/classes; which means new assignments. I have to maintain a couple of blogs this Fall Semester and thought what better way to do so than on one page. One of them is going to be for my New Testament II class and then another one will be for my Family Relations Class. Then of course a third one which will be just about........anything!!! Well That's not quite accurate it will mostly be about me and the people and things in my life. I hope you guys will have fun and learn a thing or two as I will be sharing the things that are of utmost value to me. Or and on any normal day, that's usually how I look like; at least that's true so far for this Fall.


I'm Ayanda Mar Godi, otherwise known as Rae. I'm a junior in college (Brigham Young University-Idaho) and I'm majoring in Accounting, with a minor in Family Studies.  I enjoy the simple things in life, like smiling, making friends and being my own kind of person. I love, love, love my life and the people in it; and yes I'm Mormon!!!!

I'm the first born and only girl in a family of two. My mom is my inspiration, I don't how she does it but she does it!!! I enjoy reading and writing. When I write, I feel like that's my own personal space, a world were I can be anything I wanna be with whoever I wanna be and there is no judgment there. It's my perfect escape, next to my Heavenly Father of course!!

So I love sharing the below youtube video. It has the most amazing advice and truths; at least for me and a few other friends I have shared it with. I hope you'll take something from it that will be of use to you someday :) :)